Happy Birthday Dad!

Cambodian Rock Music & Images from Ankor for YOU!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey dad, it's your birthday!!!


I was thinking about you, so I stayed up way too late so you'd have something nice to wake up to today.

I sent you a box of some cool stuff, I'll keep the details a surprise until you receive it.

Here's some rare Cambodian rock and roll music and below is a slide show of SOME of my ankor wat images. There's WAY too many...but I'll work on them soon enough. The theme here is carved faces and bodies in stone.

About Me

For a long time I've had this half-genuine and half-joking ideal that "Permanent Citrus" will be the title of my life's memoirs. I can't really place what made me so obsessed with the idea (although I'm fairly certain it began with lemon and orange peels trapped beneath my fingernails and the fine citrus spray released into the air). Then I came upon the knowledge that the origin of citrus is in Asia. I looked it up and found out that panels of experts agree that the original citrus grove can be traced back to 4000BC, somewhere in Southeast Asia. So now my travels have been given a new and essential meaning: I have an undefined period of time left teaching in South Korea and then I'm going to rent a motorcycle and wander through Southeast Asia, searching for the original grove. The images, sounds and writings on this blog can function as a residue from the ideas and processes slowly but steadily catalyzing this journey. The ultimate goal here is that the mental landscape of permanent citrus will spread and gain momentum, and perhaps others will eventually find comfort and meaning in similar notions. *some projects: www.permanentcitrus.com